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We Provide Creative IT Solutions for Medical Practices


RN Consulting is passionate about advancing the value of information systems and we are committed to helping small and medium size medical practices with their IT needs.  With over 30 years of Information Technology knowledge and 15 years of Healthcare IT experience, we can help businesses align and achieve their technology goals.


Our IT consultants examine your existing IT solutions and the ways in which your staff uses them.   We will  identify problems in current workflows and provide alternative solutions.


Implement a roadmap and strategy that will help your business leverage the latest technologies and declutter your daily tasks using automation whenever possible.


After implementation, our IT consultants and software engineers will recommend steps for future improvements.

Our Services


Telehealth Applications

Digital applications are a vital part of healthcare IT.  

We have extensive experience implementing and optimizing Electronic Health Records systems, patient portals, practice management applications, telemedicine, patient outreach campaigns, automated appointment reminders, electronic patient check-in and mobile payment solutions.  

Coupled with our care management team, we create comprehensive solutions to help you transition to value-based care.

IT Consulting

The progression of managing a medical practice has become more complex due to regulations, emerging technologies, cost of services, patient needs and increased focus on business growth and remaining competitive.


Allow us to assist you with any IT related goals.  We can develop a custom solution personalized to your business needs and put forth a plan to achieve them.


Healthcare is moving  rapidly in light of the coronavirus pandemic.  These transformations would not be possible without telecommunication services which are essential to providing high-quality healthcare.

Our services include contract consultations and renewals, prices and cost analysis, trouble ticket resolution and technology changes. We provide high-speed business internet, phone lines, unified communications phone systems and remote or hybrid contact center solutions . 

We can handle all your telecom needs so that you can concentrate on your patients and safeguard your staff.

IT Managed Services

Information Technology should enable your medical practice to grow not slow it down.

RN Consulting's services are tailored to meet your needs, from managing your employee endpoints to fully managing your complex IT infrastructure. Let RN Consulting provide you with enterprise IT management services.

Project Management 

Without proper project management, budget estimates can spin out of control and project timelines can go off track.

We  use an effective methodology that integrates standards and best practices from project management, information technology management, and change management for a streamlined transition from disaster recovery to business continuity.    Let us know how we can help.

Network Infrastructure 

Our technology relocation and support services provide different levels of technical services based on your IT  needs.  

We can help with electrical,  voice and data wiring, surveillance and security systems. Server racks and cabinet installations.  Access controls and wireless access points.  

We will help you eliminate downtime during technology changes and relocation projects.

Website Design & Markenting

Overseeing your practice is a complicated job but establishing an online presence is not.

Allow us to create a modern and functional website to enhance your brand and optimize user experience.

We'll design a beautiful user interface that is mobile and desktop compatible for your website. We’ll work within your budget,  brand identity, or collaborate with you to create a new look and feel involving colors, typography, iconography and photography.

Take advantage of our search engine optimization and social media marketing strategies and make your website work for your practice as effective as possible.

Software Development

RN Consulting offers a full suite of software development services. 

 You can use our services to completely outsource your entire application development project or allow us to provide your business with strategic consulting on different facets of the application development cycle.  We will analyze your solutions and determine how software can make processes more efficient.

HIPAA Compliance &

Security Awareness Training

HIPAA compliance and security awareness trainings are designed to teach employees about cyber-security,  IT best practices, regulatory compliance and business-related topics.

Our results will include how to avoid phishing and other types of social engineering cyber-attacks.  How to spot potential malware behaviors and how to report possible security threats.  How to properly follow IT company policies, adhere to data privacy and HIPAA regulations.

We'll provide your practice everything it needs to be HIPAA compliant from security  to physical and administrative audits .


Complementary Assessments

Our assessment  focuses on making certain your business reliability, availability, security and readiness can safeguard your patient data.

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