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About Us 

Why Choose Us?

Technology is a vital aspect of your medical practice in today's age and our consultants are experts in Healthcare IT.  

We are able to take a high-level view of your organization’s problems and make recommendations to enhance your existing workflows and daily tasks. We will study your flow of business and identify areas that can be improved. 

Allow us to be a key role and one that needs to be filled by someone of a high standard that can support the growth of your ever-evolving business.

Our Team

We love building solutions for you

Erin Sabatés Nasser


Erin Nasser, oversees the daily operation and success of the company while supporting and enhancing the knowledge and skills of current staff with professional development.

Her deep knowledge developing short and long-term plans and strategies ensure the company is meeting our customers high expectations.

Ramses Nasser

Chief Technical Officer

Ramses Nasser, prefers actions and tangibles over promises and words.

He upholds the basic tenets that technology when applied correctly can produce tangible results if its based on realistic goals and action plans.

His motivation and leadership will help you rise above any technical challenge your practice might be facing and prove that technology solutions can evolve as quickly as your business.


Years of IT Experience


Years of Healthcare IT Experience

1 - 25

# of Practices Equipped to Handle 


# of Employees Equipped to Handle

What People Say

I have worked with Ramses over the past 20 years as a software consultant , in organizations that had little or no established infrastructure. In both cases Ramses was hired to bring order to chaos. I watched him guide these entities from being isolated islands of data into functional interconnected networks and ultimately into modern and efficient enterprise technology centers that bore little or no resemblance to their original state.

Doug Phillips - Hollywood, FL 

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